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Office of Student Success


REBOUND: This intervention program is designed for first-year students who have completed their first semester with a GPA below 2.0. Participants engage in sessions throughout the semester, including discussions with leadership, advising meetings, developing a personalized plan, workshops, and exploring available resources. The acronym for the program is “REBOUND,” representing key steps: Retake classes, Engage in your purpose, Be intentional about attendance, Own your future, Understand what went wrong, Narrow your activities, and Determine that you will succeed.

REBOUND Mid-semester virtual session – Register Now. 

Are you ready to elevate your academic game plan? We’re excited to invite you to the REBOUND Mid-Semester virtual session—a power-packed hour dedicated to boosting your student success for the Spring 2024 term. 

Contact if you have questions.

Here’s the game plan

  • Jump Ball Get it with the Office of Student Success: We will kick off the session with a warm welcome to all participants, setting the stage for an engaging discussion. 
  • Fast Break with Financial Aid: Dive into the dynamics of how financial aid is impacted by GPA, sharing critical insights and tips for navigating financial aid successfully. 
  • Advising the Pivot: How to pivot toward academic success. 
  • Hitting Success with a Three-Pointer: A comprehensive showcase encompassing tutoring, wellness, and counseling, aiming to highlight the holistic support and opportunities available to students. 
  • The Faculty Full-Court Press: Focus on providing tips and strategies toward building and strengthening faculty connections while emphasizing the importance of these relationships. 

Don’t sit on the sidelines! Register by March 15th to secure your spot and gain the strategies to keep your semester bouncing back stronger than ever. 

Please register here to attend the session

Office of Student Success
Peck Hall, Room 142
P. O. Box 500